The Oura Ring gives the most robust data possible for sleep performance and recovery to help you live your best life. The Oura Ring's measurement of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is perhaps one of the most important measurements that other fitness trackers lack.
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What Are People Saying About Oura Ring

  • I feel I have tested almost every fitness tracker. Many of them have valuable features. None are more convenient and, in my experience, reliable for overall daily activity readings and for sleep tracking and scores.

  • Elizabeth Sarquis says:

    Measures my sleep and daily activity.

  • I use this to measure my sleep and specifically track my HRV. While there are other companies that track different fitness metrics, I’ve found Oura to be easy to use and very detailed in regards to sleep, recovery, and HRV.

  • Sleep is one of the pillars of good health and we’ve found the Oura ring to be helpful with sleep tracking and recovery. While many devices offer some basic sleep tracking, the data behind the HRV measurements with Oura are particularly high quality.

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