Whoop is a fitness membership and wearable that calculates key physical performance metrics such recovery, strain, sleep, and heart rate variability (HRV).   We joined Whoop a few years ago, when we heard that Lebron James, Michael Phelps, and other athletes were using Whoop to improve their performance. It's popular among PGA golfers and other top athletes as well. Today, Whoop is being used by entrepreneurs and business professionals who are interested in performing at their highest level.
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What Are People Saying About Whoop

  • I’ve worn a Whoop band for years, and the data it’s provided me has been very meaningful and impactful, particularly related to HRV. HRV is one of the most important metrics a person can track to understand their body’s ability to take on stress. It will affect performance in business and decision making as well physical exercise.

  • Members of the Exclusivia team have been using Whoop for years. Today it’s common to see them on professional golfers and athletes.
    Whoop has the best data and analytics we’ve seen in a wearable. Most other wearables give you snapshots of your health, but Whoop allows a person to understand trends and history in their own bodies. They do charge a monthly fee for the membership, which is different then other health wearables. But this membership structure probably allows them to innovate and improve the way their data is presented to the customer. The emphasis on recovery and Heart Rate Variability is very important metric that is often overlooked in the health space.

  • I’ve been a Whoop user for years. I’m obsessed with my fitness, so having this data easy and accessible makes a huge difference for me. I’m very impressed with the accuracy of how the HRV measurement know when I’m not sleeping well, not eating well, or overtraining (which is something I have been known to do).

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