The Muse headband quantifies and records your electrical brainwave data so that you can easily understand the impact of your thoughts, movements, and emotions specifically during meditation.
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What Are People Saying About Muse S

  • I tested the first version of Muse and was not impressed. Muse 2, however, is a daily favorite for brief time frames (5 minutes is my own setting) of mindfulness. I personally also add using it at least a few times a week in distracting environment to keep increasing my measured abilities to be more mindful and calm amidst chaos.

  • Darius Danesh Darius Campbell says:

    Muse S – This has really helped me with sleep when travelling. The latest version of this award-winning neurofeedback device is my favourite so far, that allows for more comfortable wear, better signal quality and longer battery. I like the new Go-to-Sleep Journey features, which I use when flying, helping me be optimally rested and recharged for meetings.

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