Instead of using traditional ID documents, CLEAR uses biometrics - your eyes and face - to confirm it's really you.
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What Are People Saying About CLEAR

  • John Eliason says:

    Waiting in line anywhere is not my cup of tea, especially at the airport. For a very small amount of money I skip a lot of waiting with Clear. Also I don’t have to hassle with my ID. Just show my boarding pass and finger print then we’re good to go.

  • Darius Danesh Darius Campbell says:

    A terrific time-saver when travelling! I love not having to wait in line and touchless entry, for an optimal airport experience. Simple to sign up for and available in airports and stadiums: if only it worked for the Coronavirus queues at the supermarket!

  • Many Exclusivia members travel frequently so it’s not a surprise that they use Clear to make their travel experience convenient and hassle free. Airline travel can be a very uncomfortable experience with the crowds, lines, and security at the airport. Clear helps reduce some of that friction.

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