Discovered in Japan, KAATSU Global produces blood flow modification devices and techniques to trigger chemical reactions that have life changing health benefits. KAATSU training provides the results of strenuous exercise without the time commitment or joint pain. Great for serious athletes, but a game changer for the busy person who wants to improve their health and age better.
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What Are People Saying About KAATSU

  • My overall number one fitness tool.

  • The secret to staying young, longer is maintaining muscular strength without wearing out the joints. Using KAATSU let’s me improve all those areas of my health without subjecting my joints to excessive wear and tear. There’s a ton of credible research behind Kaatsu, and it’s something I use daily.

  • When looking at the research, we found Kaatsu to be thoughtful and credible. Blood flow restriction training in the appropriate manner seems to generate numerous health benefits. The ability to generate strength without exposing joints to excessive wear and tear could play an important role in someone’s life as they age.

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