The CAR.O.L stationary bike uses artificial intelligence to let busy people get their exercise in 40 seconds of hard work. The CAR.O.L bike combines artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, real time bio-metric feedback, and high intensity interval training to reach 138% better results in 98% less time, no more than a few minutes per week.

What Are People Saying About CAR.O.L

  • There is a lot of highly credible research developed around this AI powered stationary bike. The CAR.O.L. bike’s ability to to use artificial intelligence allows the system to trigger certain metabolic pathways in the body that improve insulin resistance through High Intensity Interval Training in 40 seconds. This type of exercise used to only be available in research labs because it would take multiple people to adjust the resistance at exactly the right speed and time to get the desired effect. We’ve tested it and we found it, as well as the science and people behind it to be impressive.

  • I had the opportunity to try this bike in Austin, Texas. The workout was incredibly short, but intense and powerful. With less than 8 minutes and only two 30 second sprints, I found myself completely exhausted. I was originally attracted to CAR.O.L because they are attempting to use real science and studies to make a difference in the world of health. As I’ve gotten to know the company and their researchers, it’s a bit startling how little we as people understand the important role that glucose and insulin resistance in our bodies and health.

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