The VZ No.2 Tactical Pencils are the perfect addition to your EDC kit. Being light weight and having a realistic look makes them easy to carry and conceal. They're hand made in the USA from solid G-10, making them damn near unbreakable and invisible to metal detectors. They might look like a real pencil, but don't expect to write an essay with one.

What Are People Saying About VZ NO. 2 TACTICAL PENCIL-G10

  • I have never had to use this, but have been thinking a lot about what it means to be prepared and safe in everyday life. The tactical pencil is something that has the appearance of a normal pencil, but is hard enough to be used in self-defense if necessary. This could particularly useful in “safe” areas where normal people are not allowed to carry weapons such as Europe or other parts of the world. In these situations, innocent people can become targets for predators and criminals. Having something like the tactical pencil available provides something that I hope I never have to use, but in a last resort situation could be life saving.

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