The mPulse Series is the world's 1st & ONLY Android-powered line of smart infrared saunas to offer 3-in1 (near, mid and far infrared) technology.

What Are People Saying About Sunlighten Mpulse Believe

  • Dr. Bill Anton says:

    The world’s FIRST and ONLY 3-in-1 full spectrum infrared sauna – available exclusively from Sunlighten – allows you to take charge of your health. What I like about the Mpulse technology is the full-spectrum infrared with dedicated heaters for each region of the infrared spectrum (far, mid and near). It offers near, mid and far infrared heaters and seven wellness programs and
    an anywhere access option to control from the cloud.

    Results have been amazing in many ways and friends who have this particular sauna report very good results over a relatively brief time.

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