Come enjoy a night under the legendary Texas skies.  

Taking place on a private, beautiful Texas hill country ranch, you’ll be able to get some quiet time for reflection as the sun sets and the stars come alive.  

Starting just before sunset, we will make our way up to a quiet valley nestled high up between the hills where you’ll be able to enjoy hours of sunset, nature, great food, quiet contemplation, and guided stargazing. This is your time to get away from the noise and enjoy the company people. 

We are currently accepting bookings for our dates in May and June 2023. Please add your info below and we will get in touch shortly.

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Why Is This Location So Special and Who is This Experience For?

Your ticket to this event provides you full access to a day pass at the ranch. Come enjoy the afternoon for a hike, swim, explore, and relax in this incredible Ranch that includes private access to the last few miles of the famous Frio River in the heart of Texas, making for an intimate and exclusive experience without any of the crowds that you’ll find at Garner State Park.   

On the ranch you’ll find:

  • Some of the oldest, largest trees in the United States
  • Hiking through unspoiled nature in Texas Hill Country
  • Hidden Watering Holes
  • Miles of Access to the cool waters of the Frio River, away from the crowds

There are limited places available for our May and June events, so add your email below and we will send you the info shortly.

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