Exclusivia Experiences is a marketplace between Experience Hosts and Exclusivia Members. We are partners with our members and we are partners with the experience host so we want to create an environment where everyone is treated as fairly and transparently as possible.  We’ve tried our best to set a cancellation policy that takes into consideration and protects both parties’ interests.

Exclusivia Members’ Interests

Life changes fast so we understand the need to be flexible.  The ability to adjust schedules without being financially penalized is important to a degree.

Experience Hosts’ Interests

Often hosts incur costs in planning and executing these experiences.  When there is a cancellation, it can put pressure on the hosts to recover costs they may have paid for materials, food, or staff.  There is also lost opportunity cost, as they could have provided this experience for other members.

15 Day Cancellation Policy

15 Days Prior to the Experience, members may cancel their reservation for a full refund. No Questions Asked.  Members may choose to accept their refund in cash or Exclusivia Credit to be applied toward the purchase of another experience or their annual membership dues. After the 15th day, no refunds will be accepted except in exceptional circumstances.

How to Cancel Your Reservation?

Cancellations should be notified in writing to Exclusivia Administion at [email protected]

Cancellation by Hosts

Members will be receive full refunding in the event of the cancellation of the experience by the host.  This can be received in funds or in Exclusivia credit to applied towards other experience purchases/membership dues.

Exceptional Circumstances

 In the event of a cancellation due exceptional circumstances such as but not limited to death, injury, travel hardship ect.  The Exclusivia team will take into consideration the events and make a decision once the facts of the events have been gathered and understood.   This does not guarantee that Exclusivia will issue a full refund; but we also will do everything in our power to be fair when making decisions on these events.