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A New Source of Wisdom

Exclusivia started as an intimate group of friends transparently sharing ideas and strategies with each other.  

This was the genesis for the Exclusivia Wisdom Platform. We believe the best ideas need to be discovered and preserved so they can live on to help others.

The Exclusivia Wisdom Platform

Contributing Expert Benefits


Publish On

Being Contributing Expert provides exclusive the opportunity to publish on, setting you apart as a bold voice eager to share your hard-won knowledge.  Most importantly you know that your message is delivered directly to leaders who have the resources and commitment to take meaningful action in their personal and professional lives. Contributing experts are the only ones allowed to publish.


Full Access and Behind the Scene Insights

Contributing Experts receive complete access to Exclusivia membership and all the benefits that come with it including: one of kind experiences, behind the scene access to cutting edge insights, and many premium benefits not available to regular members.


Learn From Your Peers

While there are many amazing Exclusivia members, there are only a handful who are chosen to be experts.  In doing so, you’re being recognized as someone with hard-won wisdom who is credible, trust-worthy, and who’s insights we believe can help others build their own best life.  You’ll be featured alongside other experts that we’ve hand selected with these same qualities. 

Exclusivia Experts- What is Expected

Excited To Help Shape The Future

Being a Contributing Expert means you’re willing to invest time and energy to help others discover ways to build their best life through writing, audios, videos, or other mediums available.  This investment will only be meaningful for those who have a genuine interest in helping to shape the world around us. 


To be selected as an Exclusivia Expert means others are trusting you to share the strategies, tools, and insights that you’re using in your attempt to build your own best life.  This only works if the Experts are willing to partipate. 

Trust Worthy and Other Focused

Exclusivia is built on trust.  You are being entrusted to transparently share. Every strategy, tools, or insight should be focused on helping others find value.  No Self-Promoting, affiliate links, or conflicts of interest.  If you deliver value to others, you will undoubtable receive recognition and value as a by-product. 

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