I have had a number of careers in my 79 years. I had 5 employers since I was 13. In every one, I was approached and offered the job. My view is that God had a hand in my life from a very early age. My parents were faithful and had high expectations of me and my siblings. I had many careers in that timespan.

Husband, father, employee, volunteer, board member and retiree. I was not always performing at my best. I learned many lessons that may be useful to others.

We all have different god-given talents and I believe God expects each of us to be the “Best we can Be” in all that we do. So have high standards and sound values and let them be your foundation. Maintain balance in your life – your spouse and family are critical parts of your long-term support system. Do what you like and like what you do.

If you do not enjoy your job or volunteer activity, find another one. You will not excel in an unsatisfactory environment and your important personal relationships will suffer.

Do not let money cloud your thinking. In most activities, 20% of the people do 80% of the work. Be in the 20%. Take an interest in people you meet in your work and during your day wherever that may be.
Sharing their stories will make their day and you may be surprised about insights you may find. Be a listener. Seek the views of your subordinates and others. Ask questions and be sure you understand their views. It is easy to jump to conclusions on a matter before you understand where someone is coming from.

Finally, nurture interests that recharge you in life’s busy times that will be stimulating in your later years in life.