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Enjoy short, concise, and valuable audio insights about KAATSU training from Steve Munatones. Learn the science behind why it has the potential to impact the health of people everywhere.

We explore the science, research, and evolution of the company.

  • Why is this happening? Blood flow in or out?

  • “At the time, I was not thinking about business.. I was literally thinking about myself, my parents, and my family (health wise).”

  • KAATSU training bands placed upper arms and upper legs, to modify venous blood flow

  • blood pooling, catalyst of reactions, elasticity, better blood flow, importance of capillaries, human growth hormone, capillaries in the brain

  • “The body is going to repair itself anyway…with KAATSU training we’re supercharging the the chemical processes to heal itself faster.”

  • “We are revolutionizing how fast the body can repair itself.”

  • Amount of pressure? Width and shape of the KAATSU bands.

  • KAATSU Cycle, Heart Issues with Occlusion

  • Importance of Elasticity

  • Doctor called Steve his Miracle Man

  • Car Accident, Severe Brain Damage, Had Not Moved in 12 Years

  • improved circulation, improved heat sensory

  • Use KAATSU before bed for better, deeper sleep. Jet lag improvement

  • Burn more calories with expansions

  • No additional time commitment, overlay exercise in your daily life, quality life,

  • “the time between work, family time, and exercise start to blend together and you become much more efficient and effective with your time.”

  • Joint Health, no extra weight needed for strength training.

  • “Wow I am saving time and my perspective of what is possible start to charge for the better. “

  • Builds fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers simultaneously which is rare. Increases power and endurance.

1 to 4 ratio for performance time. 15 minutes with KAATSU training equals an hour of strenuous work.

Substantially quicker recovery, and healing with KAATSU training

  • 104 year old with dimentia who could not walk, talk, or had any recognition. She recovered using KAATSU training and was able to build muscle. MRI revealed that bloodflow to her brain increased.

  • KAATSU increases focus because it increases blood flow to brain.

  • Big improvement for diabetics as well.

  • Brain health in space with monitoring fluid levels.

  • Combat muscle degeneration and bone de-mineralization

  • KAATSU training in space will have same effects as on earth

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