Discovered in Japan, KAATSU’s safe and healthy blood flow modification devices and techniques trigger chemical reactions during exercise to improve cardiovascular health and build lean muscle. This achieves the results of strenuous exercise in a fraction of the time without joint pain or injury risk. Great for serious athletes, but a game changer for the busy person who wants to improve their health and age better.

  • Increase Lean Muscle

  • Improve Cardiovascular Health

  • Live Longer

  • Age Better

  • Recover Faster

  • Minimal Time Needed for Results

  • Research Proven

Why is KAATSU Training Worth Learning About?

Time & Convenience

The KAATSU’s blood modification techniques allow the body to experience the results of strenuous workouts in a fraction of time.  KAATSU training can be implemented into existing routines without hassle. The leaders at KAATSU all have devices and KAATSU airbands at their desks to use daily. 

Age Better

KAATSU training improves metabolism and delays the aging process. KAATSU exercises and techniques do not require any hard impact on the joints and muscles, allowing for cardiovascular and muscular training without risk of injury or joint pain. 

Dr. Sato, the inventor of KAATSU at 71 years old. No steroids, No weightlifting, just a lifetime of doing KAATSU!

Dr. Sato, the inventor of KAATSU at 71 years old. No steroids, No weightlifting, just a lifetime of doing KAATSU!

Lean Muscle & Stronger Bones

KAATSU training leads to Human Growth Hormone secretion that helps build lean muscle mass and stronger bones. This substantially increases energy levels and performance.

Improved Vascular Health

KAATSU training maintains and improves vascular health and elasticity. KAATSU’s bands and blood flow modification devices slow the venous flow (blood returning to the heart), which forces the blood into the smaller capillaries. This improves capillary elasticity and delivers oxygen, nutrients, to the muscles and cells.


KAATSU bands and training methods are being implemented by many professional athletes and teams for higher performance and better recovery. It’s also being used in military training, and physical rehabilitation.

Credible & Safe

KAATSU Global has decades of data, research, and studies that shows usage leading to increased cardiovascular health, muscular development, and numerous other benefits. The company has more than scientifically tested and proven that KAATSU training works.

KAATSU bands and technology are designed to do safe blood flow modification NOT blood flow restriction or occlusion. KAATSU’s device are engineered to modify the venous blood flow back to core, and is monitored.  Complete blood flow restriction and occlusion can be dangerous.