Sunset at Stone Ridge Farm

Lose yourself in the hidden secrets and quiet joy of a sunset evening at Stone Ridge Farm. 

Life, work, and even our children can sometimes get in the way of giving meaningful focus to our partners.  Stone Ridge Farm is happy to offer this couples experience so you the opportunity to refocus, refresh, and most importantly reconnect with someone you love. 

About Stone Ridge Farm:

Stone Ridge Farms is a secret gem.  Tucked away in the Pine Trees, a person could drive pass the property and not know the hidden beauty and secrets that lie behind them. 

Stone Ridge farms is quietly known in the area for hosting magical and very intimate wedding ceremony for small groups.  But other than this is not open to the public.  It is owned by a local family that loves and cares for this special property.  Their good stewardship shows up with intimacy and warmness that is different to any environment you would find a corporate resort, restaurant.  You’ll fall in the love with the place quickly.

What does it include:

  • Sunset Picnic
  • Explore the Gardens in the moonlight
  • Settle in by the Fire for Quiet Reflection
  • Only open to a maximum of 3 couples for the evening (6 people total for the evening)

Who Will Get The Most From This Experience?

Couples who come to intentionally escape the noise.  Immerse yourself in the nature, beauty, and fresh air of the forest while giving your full attention to your partner.   Use your phones for the occasional photo, but otherwise turn them off and be present.


Event Times and Dates: Saturday, October 21: 7-11 PM

Only open to a maximum of 3 couples for the evening (6 people total for the evening)

Price: $215 per person

Recommended Items for Guests to bring:

  • Comfortable Walking Shoes
  • Light Jacket
  • You may bring your own Wine or Alcohol, none will be served
Book Now Price: $299/per person

- Mequon , WI