The most peaceful moments in life are while experiencing the feeling of gratitude. I challenge anyone to try to feel angry, hatred, depression or any negative thoughts while at the same time feeling gratitude. You can not. It is impossible. Have you ever had an experience where you noticed yourself smiling while expressing gratitude? How was the other person’s reaction when you gave them gratitude? Ten times out of ten you both were smiling.

Gratitude is not hard to find or experience. We simply have to “train” or “exercise” our mind to be constantly looking for those opportunities. Start with positive habits like a morning ritual. Make it yours, own it and share it with others. Make thinking about gratitude a part of your daily habit. I choose to start my day with prayer or gratitude for god allowing me to experience another day. You will be amazed how much better you feel, how others around you feel and how much easier and peaceful your days will become.

Next up- put your self in a position of saying “you are welcome” to others. Think about it