Exclusivia. It’s Life Care, Not Healthcare.

A new approach to health, fitness, relationship-building, and wisdom. 

Wisdom Platform

The Anti-Social Media. Curated, focused, no noise, just wisdom.

1. Focused Content: Wisdom for performance, business, health & longevity, and life.

2. Curated Contributing Experts: neuroscientists, psychologists, researchers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and business executives with hard won wisdom. 

Experiences Marketplace(Coming Soon)

We feel alive and build the deepest relationships when we go through challenges together.  We’re pioneering a new approach that combines health, deep relationship-building, and play. 

Based on 3 pillars:

  1. Shared Physical Activity
  2. Amazing Outdoor Locations
  3. Play

The Best Life List

For reflection and deep learning.

Your private canvas to expand your thought process.  Take detailed notes and lay out strategies for how you are going to implement meaningful wisdom into your life.

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Our Limitations

Exclusivia has never raised money. Outside investment would have increased technological capability, but it could have created a misalignment of incentives that do NOT in the best long-term interests of members or Exclusivia.  Membership started from a small group of friends and we’re in it for the long haul.  

This means accepting that right now, we do not have the same technological responsiveness, speed, capacity, or efficiency of existing, large platforms. Not an excuse, but an acknowledgement of reality.

If you join today, it’s because you believe that quality ideas, people, and experiences are more important than the delivery mechanism

We will continue to work diligently and are reinvesting everything to improve in every way possible moving forward.


Why Charge Membership Dues Instead of Free?

Many platforms offer a “free usage” and make their money on advertising. We don’t like that business model for a couple of reasons:

1. We want to be in alignment with our members. Have you ever used social media for more than 15 minutes without feeling totally exhausted? Companies that offer “free access”, and then make money advertising are dependent upon usage time. Their entire business model is getting you addicted so you use their platforms as often as possible. They usually do this by promoting contents that preys upon emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, and even sex.

2. We’re doing hard work to build our lives that requires focus. Paying the small membership dues, incentivizes members to focus, engage, and actually work on building their own lives. If a person isn’t willing to pay the small dues, they are not likely to do the hard work necessary even if it was free.

3. The dues allow us to provide new exciting offerings, discounts, and special member benefits that would not be possible in an advertisement only situation.

Does Exclusivia currently offer a trial or free membership?

Yes– We currently offer a 7 day free trial for new members. This should give new members enough time to be sure they are a good fit. We kept it to 7 days, because having the deadline encourages people to spend the time evaluating.

Can Anyone be a Contributing Expert?

No. This might sound controversial, but we think the open-sourced social media platforms incentivize poor behavior. We’ve been careful to make the incentives of the contributing experts align with Exclusivia members.

How Are Contributing Experts Chosen?

Through a rigorous selection and curation process. We want experts that are credible, thoughtful, and most importantly that we can trust to share the highest quality of wisdom.