Cut Through The Noise

We were tired of being bombarded by things that weren’t important, so we built Exclusivia to help our members cut through the noise, so they could focus more on what matters most.

Our members make up some of the most successful people in the world, and it’s our responsibility to help save them time and energy, by curating essential insights into world-class companies, products, services, technologies, and experiences that can help them build their most amazing future.

Our Curation Process 

We dive deep into the companies, scientists, doctors, advisers, consultants, coaches, speakers, researchers, and writers from across the world. Our mission is to find—for our members—a growing list of the ‘vital few.’

Want to Learn About Great Products?

We do not sell products or get paid sponsorship from companies, but we want to know what high performers actually use, so we partner with these world class experts and ask them:

  1. What strategies do you use in your own best life?
  2. What products are you currently using and testing?

Without paid endorsement or conflict of interest, these experts transparently share.  This doesn’t mean that every product they’re using is the absolute best, but we can guarantee that their insight is honest and truthful. 

Beyond the Noise

Our team is consistently scanning for powerful ideas that could be impactful in our members lives.  We collaborate with scientists and researchers to distill and breakdown these insights into short, easy to understand media series.  Mass production is not important to us, we only want the most vital ideas, so we make sure to only produce a few of these series. 

Who Are Exclusivia Members?

 Exclusivia was built only for people who are deeply curious and committed to living their most amazing lives.  Many of the interests tend be focus on health, performance, 

Best Life List

The Best Life List is a tool that we built to help our members curate their own best lives.  The idea of our best life is not some magical destination, but a commitment to growth and exploration. 

Opportunities and Experiences

As our membership continues to grow, we will continue to look for opportunities and experiences that we can uniquely deliver to help improve our members lives. 

Our Business Model Focuses On You

We don’t sell advertising, data, or market products.  This puts us in a unique position where we can just serve our members. 

We’ve chosen a paid membership based business model because it aligns our members best interests with ours.  It’s a straight and honest relationship.  Our members pay us and this allows us to transparently explore what is meaningful to their best life and most importantly ignore what isn’t. 

No clickbait, misleading titles, or competition for marketing eye balls 🙂

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