Exclusivia Experiences

Discover experiences designed to inspire lasting growth.
An Exclusivia Experience is intentionally built to create more space for moments of wonder, reflection, and connection that make life worth living.  

The Best Version of You

The right experience can help bring out the best version of you. 

Our goal is that an Exclusivia Experience can help you return to your life better than before.  A better parent, spouse, leader, and friend. 

Our Process

We hyper-curate unknown, awe-inspiring locations and partner with the best local experience leaders who have intimate knowledge and passions to unlock the beauty and wonder of these places

We design every aspect of the experience using neuroscience to fully embrace the moments of wonder more deeply and connect with the people you care about.  Every activity, sensory experience, location, and intentional pause was thoughtfully designed with that goal. 

High Impact Fast

Like everything else we do, an Exclusivia Experience cuts through the noise to deliver the greatest significance in the least amount of time. 

Meaningful impact doesn’t need days or weeks. We believe that you can change your life for the better with just a few hours.  All of our experiences range from 90 minutes to a couple hours. 

Intentional Moments of Quiet Reflection

Smell the earth, hear the rain, feel the warmth of the last light from the sunset.  During our normal lives, it is easy to get caught being busy in our activities and miss the very best parts that matter most. But if we’re truly awake we can see and feel more clearly. 

All of the experiences we select are amazing but they strategically have built in quiet moments to allow for reflection and deep thought.  These intentional “pauses” break-up the activities and make us mindful of our surroundings. 

Freedom To Wander

Every experience was built with the ability to wander and explore.  Our experience leaders provide the perfect amount of attentiveness so that everyone is safe and well cared for with a white glove touch.  However, growth happens with intentional time to wander, be mindful, and be curious.

Human Connection

We understand and value the importance of solitude. However, the most meaningful moments in our lives are usually shared with someone.    For all the group experiences, we are trying to create an environment and activities that can bring you closer to the people you choose to share them with. 


We are activating all of the senses with an experience.  The smells of the forest, the light from the stars, the feel of the earth, the sound of rushing water, and even the taste of gourmet food are examples of how we’re thinking and designing an experience. 

Amazing Locations

We are hyper-curating to pair amazing people with awe-inspiring locations.  These aren’t the normal tourist locations that you might read about on google.  Instead we’re partnering with locals who know the land and area intimately. 
Want to know that best place to see sunset?  Where the hidden streams are?  Where to get a magnificent view

Who Are The Experience Leaders?

We partner with local experience leaders who intimately know the hidden secrets of their location and share a passion for helping people to discover their best lives.  Exclusivia Experiences are only possible because of the thoughtfulness and exceptional qualities of these leaders.