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A combination of health, deep relationship building, and play. 

We feel the most alive and build the deepest relationships when we go through challenges together.  This is sorely missing from today’s world.

Using ideas and research from neuroscientists, health specialists, psychologists, and doctors we have identified 3 Core Components for Exclusivia Experiences: Shared Physical Activity, Nature, and The Importance of Play.

1. Shared Physical Activity

Shared physical activity deepens the bonds between people in ways that nothing else can. Let’s do something physically challenging shoulder to shoulder with others.

2. Amazing Locations in Nature

 Get outside and explore. We are hyper-curating to pair amazing people with awe-inspiring locations.  

3. The Importance of Play

It is bizarre that society had to build special rooms to lift heavy things or run in place (gyms). While the gym tools serve a purpose, the most sustainable life changes are the ones that are enjoyable. So we’re working to incorporate elements of “Play” into the these experiences.

Why Host With Exclusivia?

Unique Eco-System

Because Exclusivia Experience Marketplace is built in coordination with the Wisdom Platform and Best life List, it provides unique access to high quality members who are serious about improving themselves and living their own best lives. This eco-system also creates multiple advantages and ways that Exclusivia can support you and your business that a stand alone platform might not be able.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Do what you love while bringing people together through physical activity and inspiring locations. If you have a passion for amazing locations, being active, and sharing with others, this could be a great opportunity to make a living while doing what you love.

Unique Models that Support Your Business Goals

  1. Autonomous: You design, lead, and execute your experience as you see fit. Exclusivia will need to approve, but you would responsible for executing over the longer term.
  2. Hybrid: You play a big part in the design and execution, but may not be able to help with the build up. Exclusivia’s local contacts on the ground will help serve as coordinators alongside you to help fulfill some aspects of the experience. This works great, when your group does not live in the same location as you but still wants guidance in training for the experience.

    Example Hybrid Experience: Training for and Summiting a Mountain
    -You want to spend the majority of your time and energy on the summiting.
    -Exclusivia executes a group training schedule for preparation.

Deeper Relationships With Your Customers

We encourage experiences to feature a Priming Preparation Process to get your guests in the right physical, mental, or emotional state so they can embrace your experience. Exclusivia’s team can help with this. The benefits:

  • Builds Trust and Familiarity- Imagine leading a group through a physically challenging situation, but they don’t know you. How can they trust you in the way fully required? Knowing your customers, makes everything safer and more enjoyable for both the guests and hosts.
  • Regularly Shared Physical Activity- Training together over the course of weeks, then climbing builds a deeper bond for guests.
  • Health and Fitness Improvements- By offering schedule training programs, you’re improving the physical well being for guests.


Are there any insurance requirements to be a Host?

You are responsible for having your own liability insurance, as well as adding Exclusivia as an “additional insured”. Proof of this is required before you may sell or lead any experiences.

How Do Hosts Get Compensated?

This depends upon the business model, autonomous or hybrid. Hosts will keep the majority of the sale proceeds, minus the commission retained by Exclusivia.

How do commissions Compare to other platforms such as AirBNB and Viator?

Our unique ecosystem structure allows for our Exclusivia experience host to retain more of the commmission than those other platforms. This could vary based on the level of support but our goal is to create a “scaled economy shared” where prices are low for members, experience hosts make good money, and Exclusivia is also financially stable.

How Do I apply to host an experience on Exclusivia?

Enter Your Information Below and a member of our team will reach out to schedule a call soon.

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