Best Life List

The Best Life List is the canvas for you to organize and shape your life so that you can continue to pursue what matters most. 

Be Intentional

It’s proven that those who plan and purposely think about their goals are more likely to achieve them. 

Take the time and reflect upon what you want your life to be and use the Best Life List to help organize your thoughts.  It’s a very simple exercise that can have tremendous impact to how your life plays out over time. 

100% Private

This list is yours. No one can see what you save, add, or the notes you take unless you choose to send it to someone.   Use it to work on yourself and what’s important to you. 

Your Whiteboard of Interests and Goals

We view the BLL as the digital whiteboard that highlights that areas of your life that you’re finding value from and want to grow better with. 

It’s possible to share what you’re working on or what you’re finding interesting with our private sharing feature. 

We built this feature because one of our founders, wanted to privately share the tools and strategies he was finding and implementing with his brother. 

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