A Texas Treasure As You’ve Never Experienced Before

Famous for cool, clear water; The Frio River is a Texas treasure that many people enjoy each year. Imagine being able to privately enjoy the Frio with your friends and family in your hidden paradise.

BONUS: Just before Sunset, you’ll be escorted to the back of the privately owned ranch where you and your party will have your own exclusive area set up near a hidden swimming hole in the river so that you can enjoy nature, experience the sunset, and escape the heat of the summer night underneath the light of the moon and stars.

We are currently accepting bookings for only 2 dates in July 2023 including 4th of July weekend. Please add your info below and we will get in touch shortly.

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Imagine Garner State Park…BUT without any crowds

The private ranch where this takes place owns the land around the last few miles of the Frio River, ensuring a totally quiet, peaceful, and intimate experience.   You’ll have all the beauty, nature, and river without any crowds.

This is the perfect experience for the family or group of friends that want to take some time to reconnect with each other while being immersed by the magic and wonder of nature. Turn off your phones, breath deep, talk, laugh, and be present with those you care about in a hidden Texas Paradise. 

Your Own Hidden Paradise

On the ranch you’ll find:

  • Some of the oldest, largest trees in the United States
  • Hiking through unspoiled nature in Texas Hill Country
  • Hidden Watering Holes
  • Miles of Access to the cool waters of the Frio River, away from the crowds

There are only 15 TOTAL spots, so add your email below and we will send you the info shortly.

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